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We help reveal juror responses at trial based on case evidence. The results of our proven methodologies provide you with direct feedback on how to improve your chances of winning.


Early Case Evaluation

Early Case Evaluations are valuable in determining whether an early resolution of a case is necessary. They determine the direction and focus of discovery, prepare for mediation, and understand what jurors expect to hear from witnesses.  Clarity Partners helps you be as prepared as you can be no matter how far the litigation process goes.  

Case Assessment Focus Groups

Case Assessment Focus Groups allow us to help you better predict your outcome by presenting relevant information to surrogate jurors. We share witness testimony videos, exhibits, and jury instructions. The case material is drafted and presented by our team, allowing attorneys to observe and focus on surrogate responses and behavior.

Mock Trial

A Mock Trial exercise is meant to simulate actual trial. Attorneys make argumentative opening presentations to a group of surrogate jurors and witnesses may be summarized or presented live or by video.  Clarity Partners prepares and executes this exercise so you get a chance to practice and be ready to face any challenge during real trial.