Clarity employee presenting to a classroom

During our workshops, our experienced consultants will share valuable information about the psychology, strategy, and research methods that will help you win the case.

Applications and Findings of Jury Research

Jury research exercises can help litigators answer strategic questions they encounter in preparing cases for trial. Our course offers an introduction to the basic psychological underpinnings of the process. We review details about common findings in jury research exercises and explain how litigators may apply these findings to their specific cases. 

Lessons from a Medical Malpractice Mock Trial

Clarity Partners offers a presentation that provides an analysis and explanation of a mock trial deliberation for a medical malpractice case. We use taped video highlights to show common findings in jury research of medical malpractice cases. We also review effective strategies that may be implemented when presenting evidence to jurors in medical malpractice cases.

Trying the Insurance Bad Faith Case

In this course, we analyze and explain taped video highlights of proven methods for trying insurance bad faith cases. We also share pre-existing negative views of insurance companies that shape juror behavior.  Clarity Partners utilizes a mock trial deliberation to best illustrate important points and help you understand how to win your case.

Speaking Engagements

Dave Zehner, Clarity Partners lead trial consulting partner, has been a featured speaker at many national and local events. Here is a sample of some of the presentations Mr. Zehner has given.

Lessons Learned from a Medical Malpractice Mock Trial, Chicago Health Care Risk Management Society (CHRMS) Law Day, Chicago, January 2010

Evaluating Case Risks, National Catholic Risk Retention Group Annual Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, January 2012

Identifying & Addressing Fact Finder Bias, National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), January 2012 Atlanta

Using Mock Juries To Evaluate and Prepare Your Case, Claims & Litigation Management Alliance National Meeting, San Diego, March 2012

Juror Selection Bias, CLM San Diego Chapter Meeting, San Diego, March 2013

Impact & Use of Alternative Damage Awards, Claims & Litigation Management Alliance Regional Meeting (CLM), Boston, May, 2013

Juror Views of Cases involving Retailers, Willis Retail Symposium, Chicago, October 2013

How Jurors Process Information in Medical Malpractice Cases, CLM Medical Claims Summit, Orlando, January 2014

Persuasive Trial Tactics, NELA Boot Camp, Chicago, March 2014

The Millennials in Action, CLM National Meeting, Boca Raton, March 2014

Persuasive Trial Tactics & Strategies That Work, Claims & Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Transportation Conference, Omaha, June 2014

Trial Strategies for a Challenging Generation, CLM National Meeting, Palm Desert, March 2015

Juror Decision Making, National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association (NRRDA) National Conference, Austin, February 2015